The Goligher family

The Goligher family moved around a lot, we know that much! Check out how many addresses we found for them at the Public Records Office, Northern Ireland!

Lived: (1898) 7 Ashbourne Street, Belfast (demolished?)

Lived: (1901) 34, Balfour Avenue, Belfast

  Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 17.52.29

Lived: (1903) 14, Elmwood Street, Belfast (demolished, but was it where Elmwood Ave/Mews are today?)

Lived: (1905) 14 Fernwood Street, Belfast

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 17.56.21

Lived: (1906) 2 Derlett Street, Belfast

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 17.58.33

Lived: (1908) 7, Artana Street, Belfast

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 18.01.44

Lived: (1914-1921) 92 Ormeau Road above Samuel Morrison’s hardware shop according to city records and Fournier D’albe (Morrison shop stayed until ’23 then disappeared – the most important building of all to us is now demolished and infuriatingly, replaced by a short row of lovely but utterly unhelpful modern homes)

But who were they? 

Father: Mr George Goligher – shirt and collar cutter (married aged 22 in 1890)

Was from Derry

Father was a farmer

Mother: Anne/Annie – (maiden name: McGonigle) – Little known though Fournier D’Albe mentions she is ill during his examinations.

Mrs Rebecca Morrison – eldest daughter – typist (dob 25th March 1891)

Mr Samuel Morrison (married Rebecca on Christmas day 1911) – son-in-law – ship’s plumber (director of ‘circle’) and owner of the hardware shop above which the family reside (dob 11th Nov 1902) (is he listed at H&W?)

Miss Elizabeth (Lillie/Lily) Goligher (dob 1st May 1893)

Miss Annabella (Anna) Goligher – daughter – blouse-cutter – (dob 1895)

Miss Kathleen Goligher – daughter – (medium) – blouse cutter – (dob – 27 June 1898 – died 1972 (breast cancer))

Samuel – son – (dob 11th Nov 1902)

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