Fournier D’albe

Edmund Edward Fournier d’Albe (born 1868; died 29 June 1933 at St. Albans, UK)

I’ll have more on Mr Edmund Edward Fournier D’albe (he seems to like his full name) very soon. I’m still studying his papers!

Funny thing about him though…he’s just like William Jackson Crawford in the sense that he absolutely believed in ectoplasm after he studied a spirit medium in France…and yet he claims to have uncovered fraud in the Goligher Circle within a few seances.

I should explain, he investigated the Goligher Circle over a number of weeks in 1921 following Crawford’s suicide.

This gentleman (from Ireland originally, then living in St Albans) was no sceptic…and he was invited to investigate Kathleen Goligher by Crawford’s publisher. So what was the difference between the woman in France (I’ll detail her later) and the Golighers?

I hope to find out. In the meantime, do you know something about this intriguing character that I should know? He’s got an unusual surname…does he have descendants today who might be able to shed some light on his work?

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