Belfast 1900-1920

I’m finding out lots about Belfast in 1920 already thanks to PRONI and local museums as well as some really useful books I’ve ordered, but can you shed any more light on what life was like in the city or, since it’s probably still relevant, anywhere else back then? William was born in New Zealand. He lectured in Paris. He was know in the United States. He visited London and studied in Glasgow. This is an international story so I need international data to bring it to life.

Maybe you have old letters from relatives or you know someone who has memories or stories to tell that will help us travel back in time?

Remember, our period covers the devastation of the First World War as well as the bitter and deadly fighting between the British, the Unionists and the Republicans over who should have control over Northern Ireland.

The Titanic was also launched from the famous Harland and Wolff shipyard just before William began working at Belfast Tech’…his city was noisy, secretive, dangerous, proud, wealthy, poverty-stricken and exciting. This is a true tale of two cities.


What clothes did they wear?

What did Belfast look, smell and sound like?

What food would they have eaten and what do we know about their meals?

Who was rich and who poor?

How did people have fun or take their leisure?

Where were people working?

What was happening in Belfast between 1901 – 1920?

If you can shed any light, let me know and maybe it’ll end up in my novel!

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