About this site

On the 31st of July 1920, Professor William Jackson Crawford, published author, respected psychic investigator, father and husband, took his own life, poisoning himself on the rocks near Bangor in Northern Ireland.

Over the last century, his name has been largely forgotten and his grave lies unmarked.

Now, with your help, author, presenter and journalist, Andy West is hoping to solve the Crawford Mystery and find out what really made William take the ultimate, tragic decision to end his life.

Who were the Goligher family and could they really channel spirits from the afterlife?

What did William discover just before he died and did he truly believe the spirits he was studying were ‘real’?

The information presented and hopefully gathered through this site will help to create a new, thrilling novel, exposing the truth behind the Crawford Mystery and taking the reader back to a time when Belfast was one of the most powerful, wealthy, industrious, poverty-stricken and strange cities in the British Empire.

Join Andy on his journey and help him hunt down more windows to the past.

WJC KG and Andy

Join the search for answers in a haunting true story